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Send Granny an email...

The best way to contact us is via our email:

For a speedy response please include the following information:

  1. Approximate size of the area in centimetres or inches

  2. Whether you want black/grey or colour

  3. A rough description of what you would like - include reference images where necessary

  4. Where on the body you are considering 

Alternatively use our enquiry form below :)
(Please DO NOT contact us via WhatsApp)

Granny's Attic Tattoo Parlour

The Boileroom - 13 Stoke Fields 



Follow the signs to the wooden gate, go through the garden and up the stairs.

If lost call: 07496 889 299
Please do NOT contact us by WhatsApp

boileroom building .jpg

Thanks for your message - please look our for our automated response to be sure we received it :)

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