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Head honcho Esme founded this lil studio in 2015 and specialises in illustrative blackwork. She loves anything surreal, creepy, lewd, gothic, conspiratorial or extraterrestrial themed, so hit her up with your weirdo requests. 

Esme usually works with a minimum of a 6 month waiting list so please bare this in mind when sending your enquiries! 

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Colourful cutie Alexine is our resident coverup specialist. Her skills in reworking and completely transforming your youthful mistakes are unparalleled. She is the most talented, hardworking and imaginative colour artist this side of the Atlantic, so send anything bright and beautiful her way!

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The multi-faceted Aitor specialises in custom bold and beautiful Neotrad Blackwork designs as well as black and grey photorealism. Aitor has been a resident artist with us, but is transitioning to instead be a regular guest artist at our studio. Keep an eye on our social media to know the dates Aitor is with us!

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Mhairi has recently graduated from junior to senior artist! She has been with us since Autumn 2018, tattooing beautiful botanical, fairy and whimsical pieces in her unique and timeless illustrative style. Enquire to get a tattoo in her gorgeous style!

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Junior Artist: Kit

New Kit on the block, one of our junior artists smashing out awesome, fun and colourful tattoos. At this stage in their career Kit is doing tattoos in a variety of styles at a discount rate – please enquire for more information.