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The Granny's Attic Tattoo Palour (previously known as the Boileroom Tattoo) is pleased to introduce to you their Grandchild's Coverup Specialist, Alexine Tattoo! With her 7 years of experience on Cover up and Reworking of tattoos (as old as our lovely Granny), she will rejuvenate your skin to a bright, colourful and healthy new tattoo!


Alexine has devoted her life to perfecting her cover up technique. Breathing new life into old mistakes or helping you erase unwanted memories is her speciality. Whether it is a simple name, or a full tribal sleeve, there is no challenge too big nor small. Email us now on to learn more.

What you need to know about booking for a cover up with me

The old tattoo won't be 100% covered!

We will create a new design that will have so much more impact and will attract so much more attention over the old tattoo that people won't even notice there used to be one, even if you can still see bits of it. We are working on an optical illusion :) Sounds magical right?

It has to be bigger!

Yes, your new project has to be bigger than your old tattoo. In most cover ups, we will work on a design that will have one dark part (covering the old tattoo) and one lighter/brighter part (bare skin), giving me the opportunity to brighten up the whole design. This will be the part of the design that people will look at the most. Therefore, the more bare skin you give me to work with, the more impact we will manage to bring to the new design.

It has to be in colour!

The eye will be more attracted to colour than black or grey. This is how we manage to attract attention to the new tattoo. It doesn't necessarily mean that it has to be super dark! Don't force yourself to get a raven done if you prefer a robin or a blue tit :) It can be bright and colourful depending on what has to be covered! Black work, or black and grey tattoos, may be possible on rare occasions where the old tattoo is really light, really small or if we are reusing the line work from the old tattoo within the new design.

You have to like my style/work!

I am obviously not forcing you to love what I do, but as much as I want to help you, there are styles that I don't really do, like hyper realism, mechanical tattoos, 3D work etc. My style is based on a mixture of simplified bold black line work and bright colours which make it look somewhere between realistic and cartoonish. I'm definitely up for some cool ideas, and its important for you to look forward to your new project, but I believe the reason why I manage to do successful cover ups is mainly thanks to my style.

We need texture! A lot of texture!

Any birds, fish, reptiles etc. We need wings and feathers, tentacles and scales... Let me explain, if lets say, you decide on an bird tattoo, we will have a wing and within the wing, we will have 30 to 50 feathers and each feather will have 3 different shades of brown in it: dark, medium and light and maybe even some patterns! The texture will allow the old tattoo to be hidden in the details of the new design.

Now lets talk about bookings...

To start a cover up project is exactly the same as starting a normal tattoo, I just need to receive the following information:


  • I need a wide angle picture of the tattoo you want to cover that shows me where on your body it is, how big it is and how much surrounding bare skin I will be working with.

  • I need to know how big you are willing to have the new design in cm.

  • I need to know what you want to cover it with.


After that email, we would discuss your idea. It might be perfect from the start in which case I will be able to book you in for the first session immediately. Or we might have to find a new idea or book a consultation. Some projects might require a “trace” of your body, which means that I need to measure the exact size of your tattoo and see the exact placement by tracing your cover up/body shape, in which case a consultation is mandatory.


Once we have a set idea, I will do my best to give you the most accurate time and cost to complete the project. Bear in mind that a big project (like a full back piece or a full arm or leg sleeve) might be a ongoing job and pretty much impossible for me to give you an exact quote from the start. In that case I would take a rolling deposit and book you in for 2 sessions to start with. The deposit will be used each time to book for the following session. Each sessions will have to be paid in full until the last one, when your deposit will be refunded.

Lastly, depending on the state of your cover up, you might need to come back for a second layer. It allows me to fix any bit of the cover up that might have come through. This session can last between 20mins to 1 hour and therefore can cost between £10 (usual touch up charge for the Granny's Attic Tattoo Parlour) to £80 depending on the amount of fixing that needs to be done. Please make sure you always include this session as part of your budget as we can never know how the tattoo will look after healing.

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