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Do you do piercings?

Yes we do! You can either book via email, or come as a walk in. But to avoid disappointment, best to book ahead of time!


Do you take card?

No, we are cash only in the studio, so please bring the correct amount with you!


Are your products vegan friendly?

Yes! The majority of the artists at the shop are vegetarian or vegan, and we use strictly vegan products. We are also working hard to be as environmentally responsible as possible with regards to the waste we produce, i.e. we use biodegradable wrap instead of clingfilm etc - it may not be pretty, but its the right thing to do!

What do I need to bring with me?

Always bring your ID (we can only accept a valid passport or driver’s license). It’s useful to bring a sugary drink or a sweet snack with you to refuel. We can provide you drinking water, coffee and tea  (with vegan milk alternatives) throughout your appointment.

Do you do student discount?

YES! We offer 10% off the final price of the tattoo when you bring a valid student photo ID with you to your appointment.


Do you do gift cards?

Yes, we can sell physical and digital gift cards of any denomination, up to £500.

Can you coverup or fix an old tattoo?

Yes! We have a coverup specialist, Alexine, who runs an entire section of the business devoted to breathing new life into your old tattoos.


Where can I park?

The council are very hot on tickets around the studio, so we always recommend finding suitable parking. The closest car parks are either York Road car park, or Bedford road car park. 


What can I do to prepare?

The best thing you can do is eat a decent meal before you come in, and just relax! It’s never as bad as you think it’s going to be. Definitely do not drink alcohol or do drugs the night before! 


Do I need to shave the area in advance?

No, in fact it is normally easier if you allow us to shave you if we deem necessary. More often than not, if you are not used to shaving the particular area you are getting the tattoo, you will end up giving yourself terrible shaving rash which makes the tattoo much more difficult!

Can I use numbing cream?

We thoroughly recommend NOT using numbing cream. Some of the brands seriously effect the quality of the skin and the tattoo takes much longer and looks much worse than if it were done without. If you are determined to use the cream we can’t be held responsible for any issues you have with the healing and we can not offer a free touch up if the piece heals badly. You also must apply the cream before your appointment. Most creams require you to cover the area of skin at least 1 hour before the tattoo, sometimes more - if you arrive at the shop and put the cream on at the start of your appointment, you will have to lose the first hour of the appointment to the cream starting to work.


Can I bring a friend with me?

Yes, it’s always nice to have some moral support, but be aware that we are a very small studio, so at the busiest periods, we may need your friend to wait in the kitchen or the garden. We are close to the town centre so they are always welcome to hang around for the start, and then pop off to the shops for a few hours too!


Can I bring my kids?

Unfortunately not, we are not supposed to allow anyone under the age of 18 in the treatment area and we do not have any staff available to supervise unattended children while you get your tattoo done. 


Who is a tattoo not suitable for?

We can not legally tattoo anyone if they:

Are pregnant or breastfeeding

  1. Cannot prove with photo ID that they are not under the age of 18

  2. Are under the influence of alcohol or drugs

  3. Have any skin condition affecting the skin so much it is deemed inappropriate to tattoo upon, i.e. severe eczema or psoriasis directly on the area they intend to have tattooed

  4. Have any contagious medical condition that poses a serious risk to the employees or other clients at the studio.

We are able to tattoo you, but would require a note from a doctor confirming a tattoo is safe and suitable for you if you:

  1. Have a pacemaker

  2. Have diabetes

  3. Have an incurable bloodbourne pathogen (such as HIV or Hepatitis). 

  4. Are on certain blood thinning medications (such as warfarin).

We reserve the right to withhold our services from anyone who we believe to be unsuitable for this procedure for any other reason not afore mentioned.


Can I get a tattoo when I am under 18 years old if I have parental consent?

Unfortunately not, regardless of parental permission, the law requires anyone consenting to a tattoo to be over the age of 18. 


I have booked an appointment, when will I get to see the artwork?

Depending on who you have booked with, it can be anywhere between 2 days before the appointment and on the day of the appointment itself.

For certain requests, freehand tattoos are sometimes the best option. This still requires us to do research and preparation before the appointment, but usually to get the flow of the body right (i.e. when gap filling, or covering up an old piece) it is often impossible to provide a finished design without you there. With freehand designs we may be able to provide a sketch in advance, but usually most of the design will be done with pens directly onto the body on the day of the appointment. 

You need to discuss this with your artist for a definitive answer as we all work in different ways. 

Why do I have to pay a deposit?

First and foremost it is confirmation of intent, it shows us that you are fully intending to attend your appointment, and that is why we are going to turn any other customers who might want that specific date away. 

It is also the payment for the custom artwork. Custom tattoo designs can take anywhere from 2 hours to 16 hours to draw up and we can’t afford to put this kind of time in without a guarantee the client will turn up! The deposit is always deducted from the price of the tattoo though - it is not an additional cost on top of the price of the tattoo.


What is a rolling deposit?

We use a rolling deposit system for large scale (several session) pieces, in which we take the initial deposit of either £100 or £200, and this rolls over until the final session when the initial deposit is deducted from the final payment. 


Are the deposits refundable?

All deposits are non-refundable under any circumstance, however - if you need to change or cancel your appointment, and you give us 7 days notice, we can give you the deposit back in the form of a voucher of equal value to be used at your discretion. We will never give you your deposit back in the form of cash money or bank transfer, only as a voucher/store credit when 7 days notice is given. Vouchers will not be given if you are on the rolling deposit system because when you book in for a large scale piece (sleeve or back piece) we need to ensure you intend to finish it before devoting the time for the artwork. 

How much does a tattoo cost?

That entirely depends on which artist you are booking with, and what the tattoo is. As a basic idea our Senior Artists charge roughly £490 for a full day of tattooing, £290 for a half day of tattooing, and their minimum charge is £50, but we also have a Junior Artist and an apprentice who are doing tattoos for a discounted rate to gain experience. 


Am I supposed to tip?

We do accept cash tips but it is by no means compulsory!


How long do I need to take off from sport after I get a tattoo?

Ideally you wouldn’t return to intense physical activity for at least 2 weeks post-tattoo, however it depends on the sport and the tattoo. As your tattooist for more information. We would definitely insist on staying away from swimming for 2-3 weeks. 


Do you sell aftercare products?

Not currently, but we are working on it! We recommend ‘Elbow Grease’ from Lush, be sure to keep this in the fridge or else it will melt. Everyone is different though so if you don’t get on with this cream, you can also try ‘Tattoo Goo’, available from Superdrug. (Vegans - Tattoo Goo balm contains beeswax, but the lotion is fully vegan!)


How do I look after my new tattoo?

We will brief you in person about how to care for your tattoo, and before you leave the shop we will arm you with a leaflet all about how to heal your tattoo correctly.

Tattoos, especially long sessions on large pieces can take up to a month to fully heal. During this time you should follow a few simple rules:

  1. When you leave the shop, leave the wrapping on for at least 3 hours. After this time, with clean hands, remove and discard the wrapping. It is usual to have some blood and plasma build up, so don’t be worried! Simply rinse this area clean with cool water and then leave the area uncovered to dry out a bit. 

  2. Once a day apply a very thin layer of aftercare cream. The skin should be able to breathe through this layer, do not keep it saturated. If you have particularly dry skin you may wish to apply another thin layer of cream before bed. 

  3. Wear loose clothing on the area, and leave it uncovered whenever possible. 

  4. Do not touch the area unless you have clean hands. 

  5. Avoid getting the tattoo too wet. Showers are fine, being clean is always a good thing, but until it is healed avoid baths, swimming pools, saunas and steam rooms.

  6. Do not pick the scab! This will cause colour loss, scarring and increase the risk of infection.

  7. Keep it away from the sun. While healing, you should not use suncream on the area, but you also must not get it burnt or tanned so you must keep the area covered from bright sunlight.

What side effects can I expect after getting a tattoo?

Aside from looking totally rad, you can expect a few negative side effects while the piece is healing:

  1. Soreness. Do not panic if it still hurts for the next few days. A new tattoo is similar to a graze over the area, so expect it to be a bit tender.

  2. Scabbing. A reasonably thin layer of scab over the tattooed area is perfectly normal. It will, over the weeks, gradually flake off on its own. Do NOT pick the scab! It will then scar!

  3. Seeping. Again, like a graze, you may find a small amount of blood plasma, a watery yellow liquid seeping from the area. This is nothing to be concerned about. It often occurs if a tattoo is being kept too wet, try using slighty less aftercare cream and leave the area uncovered to dry out as often as possible. 

  4. Swelling. A small amount of swelling is normal around the new tattoo. You should be able to go about your daily business, just combat this with loose clothing around the area and taking an over the counter anti-inflammatory, such as ibuprofen can help too.

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